Jan. 22nd, 2014

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I have *finally* got the new contract for my job - it's really not all I'd hoped for salary-wise, but I'm willing to accept it as a transitional stage to stepping up again (implication being next year), when I've satisfied their tickbox requirements for line management experience.

I did an induction for a new editor today and in terms of logistics, etc. I think it went well, my only niggle was that I included my colleague in it and I felt sometimes that she was being too... familiar? Excitable maybe? And not as professional as I would like. I don't know how much, if any of that reflected on me. It would have been difficult to keep her out of it, but in retrospect I probably would have been better off not including her in most of it. I don't know. Is that harsh?

In aikido... well I don't know that I've made any appreciable progress in much of anything, which is depressing. No further news on my sensei's move, which I guess is a no news is good news kind of scenario.

Self-confidence remains the biggest problem on all fronts :(

I still can't get my head around another case of, for want of a better term, attracting sensei - and I'm not talking about the young-ish guys who have the title because they started a club, but the time-served ones. I just don't see whatever it is that seems to inspire this. On the upside, I've been told if I make it out to the Rotterdam dojo, they'll take me to the best Indonesian restaurant in the city. Since I'll probably have to go to Rotterdam for work - I think I can make this work somehow...


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