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Another one from the backlog - a roundrobin done with a friend a long time ago...

To Catch a Highlander )
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Okay, so this was a half finished story that was resurrected and completed for the Highlander Secret Santa in 2010. It might as well go up as I am feeling lazy and other stuff needs more work on it yet.

A Christmas Story )
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This first appeared in a print 'zine many moons ago; it's been tweaked slightly for grammar and AWOL semi-colons... I'm not sure how well it's held up over time, but...

The Difference between a Book and its Cover )
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A repost of a Secret Santa fic from a few years ago. Primarily, Highlander, but a multi-crossover if you count cameos.

Rising to the Challenge )
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A repost of an old Highlander fic, not quite what I wanted to post this weekend, but when I found I hadn't posted this one - well, I had to. I still really like this one.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep )

I really need to organise my fic better, the filenames are very random and the whole lot are just dumped in one folder...
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So, for [personal profile] lferion her one sentence drabbles featuring Methos :)

One word Highlander drabbles )
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A repost from the HL Secret Santa way back in 2007. I still rather like this one, and Gen is so unusual for me.

Friends Like These )
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Same deal as last time, an old fic that made it to the mailing lists at the time, but nowhere else. Some of you will have read it, some of you won't.

Out of the Blue )
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So, I have intarwebz and in the first frenzy of access I may have slightly maxed out my monthly GB allowance - oops ;)

Anyway, the request was for Highlander, Sherlock, Who or Merlin. I may do all of them, but first a blast from the past. This was posted many moons ago on a mailing list back when such things were the norm, it also appeared on a website for a while, but I suspect that's no longer an active site. So in the interests of completeness and having things in the same place. I am posting it here - some of you will have read this before - some of you probably not. Just bear in mind I wrote this back in 2000...

Though Lovers Be Lost )

I'm still kind of proud of this one, it has plot and *everything*, including a lot of run on sentences, but meh... it was a long time ago ;)
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Okay, so seriously in danger of failing in my New Year's Resolution, but it can be remedied... if only by dragging out an unposted thing for your perusal...

A disturbingly long time ago in a galaxy not really all that far away, I started writing Highlander fic... Despite the embarrassment factor, I'm posting my very first HL fic unedited except for removing typos and fixing some formatting. Please try not to cringe too audibly, I suspect I'm doing it enough for everyone (that'll teach me for not writing something new for February) ;-)

Just Dessert )
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so in creating my masterlists I discovered quite a few fic I hadn't posted for some reason (compulsive editing perhaps? I would never... ;-)) I've not looked through them all yet, but this one definitely should have gone up. It's been added to the masterlist in the appropriate place now.

Reading Between the Lines )
Comments always appreciated.
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Happy birthday [ profile] crowie! I tweaked it again - sorry - I'm compulsive that way ;-)

For someone, who knows who she is, who requested a fic masterlist. I'll work on it ;-) Incidentally, I know you don't comment much, but it would be appreciated on this one 'cause if you don't get what I've done/am trying to do here there's not much hope for anyone else getting it.

In the meantime, this fic belongs to the same 'verse as Three Degrees of Separation and Gambling Men but actually precedes them and so will stand alone. Those that are familiar with those stories will realise that this makes it a multi-crossover. Two fandoms are obvious in this story, the third less so, but I don't want to give it away.

Fair warning - this is baby!fic, however as [ profile] crowie said with touching faith - it is also me writing it - consider that also fair warning ;-))

Fathers, Brothers and Sons )


Jun. 20th, 2008 08:00 pm
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This was supposed to be 100 words - didn't quite make it. Half a guess what I just finished reading this afternoon.

HL/Lit crossover
20th June 2008

The servants had called him first, not the police; he wasn't surprised - it wasn't in them to act on their own initiative, that was the nature of servants after all. It was an ungodly hour to be up, but that was the price one sometimes paid for having friends. The dust and mould of the bare schoolroom seemed curious surroundings for such a splendid painting, yet the tale told itself to anyone who had seen as much as he had. He looked down at the decayed corpse of his friend and the knife embedded in his heart.

Behind him he heard the housekeeper shuffle uncertainly, “Lord Henry?

Methos straightened and shook his head sadly; Dorian, you fool.

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So, today has thus far been a success: cards, dvds, chocolates and coffee. A browse more than a shop and a meal out at a never-tried-before restaurant that was most acceptable. So now it's tradition time, I usually try to post something on my birthday, and I've chosen it most carefully. It's a rarity for me, being both het and pretty much entirely Not-PG ;-))

It's Adam/Alexa for those of you who like to know such things, but it's not tied to any of my previous ones particularly, and for those of you who've had crappy days of late I hope this is a little bit of fun for you.

Life's a Peach )

PS. For those of you who got the txt this morning, some explanation that might have been lacking. We were just coming out of the house to head off to Newcastle at about half nine and we stepped out and the air was full of tiny sparkles. Really tiny, really sparkly. Not flakes, not droplets, not white. It was like someone had dropped a handful of diamond dust from the sky and it was just kind of floating in the air all around. It was awesome. We could only guess that it was the freezing mist as it lifted and caught the sun; so what we were seeing was the mist as it froze/melted and caught the sunlight. I've never seen anything like it. No photo unfortunately :-(
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So, as promised and before I have to dash off tonight...

Wake Up Call )
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Happy Christmas everyone. Have a new Wingfic :-)

Negotiations )

New fic...

Sep. 30th, 2007 02:59 pm
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Well, new fic time. Follows on from Three Degrees of Separation. This should probably be for the birthdays I have missed recently, my bad. My only excuse is the nasty little lurgi I seem to have picked up somewhere from which I am still not entirely recovered.

Gambling Men )

New fic...

Jun. 10th, 2007 09:20 pm
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Really, really new as opposed to sat on my laptop for years but never been posted new.

For [ profile] crowie. She knows why.

Round and round and round we go, where the slash stops, nobody knows. Multi crossover, multi pairings :-)

Three Degrees of Separation )
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Old and *gasp* I don't think I've ever posted it before, for various reasons. I will say that I don't normally subscribe to this version of events, but if I did, then this is sort of how I imagine it would have gone.

Scapegoat )
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Clearly I was in a seriously sappy mood when I wrote this, I shall have to find something a little more... ah... me for the next posting.

Daisy, Daisy )