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mogwai_do ([personal profile] mogwai_do) wrote2012-12-31 08:10 pm

This is not an end of year round-up

...primarily because I can't be bothered and it would mainly go workworkworkworkwork...

So, the Christmas break has been... mostly quiet, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Over too soon though, tomorrow's the last day of holiday and then it's back to work and hit the ground running. There's a chunk of subconscious anxiety about it all that's very annoying as it's disrupting my sleep again, but because I'm not consciously thinking about work I really don't know how to counteract it.

Presents were... limited and at least one was downright baffling, but I did get important things like Doctor Who box sets.

I've spent today cleaning and tidying and the like and not done too badly. I'll probably end up seeing the New Year in, though I'm not sure why I should bother since it will probably just be me going 'oh look it's midnight' and then going straight to bed.

We had our annual Aikido Christmas course with another local(ish) dojo on Saturday, which had a record turnout, but boy did I ache afterwards. It was 4+ hours of extremely vigorous exercise and I've not ached like that in a *long* time. I'm going to blame it on no aikido for the week preceding it, lots of sloth and gluttony in between and that although some of the stress-related muscle tension has eased by virtue of not being at work, there's still a good chunk of it left which meant things strained when they shouldn't have had to. I'll probably have to arrange some regular massage again, which is expensive when it adds up, but until work sorts itself out I don't think much else is going to reduce the tension.

Is anything going to change in 2013? Inevitably it will, though for better or worse and to what degree any changes are instigated/controlled by me I have no idea. I'd say there are things I want to get back to or do more of, but I've been saying that for much of the last year and got nowhere, so it seems almost futile to make that declaration of intent now. Maybe when something resolves with work, maybe not. I don't know. I'm neither pessimistic nor optimistic about the coming year at the moment; I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

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