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so in creating my masterlists I discovered quite a few fic I hadn't posted for some reason (compulsive editing perhaps? I would never... ;-)) I've not looked through them all yet, but this one definitely should have gone up. It's been added to the masterlist in the appropriate place now.

Reading Between the Lines )
Comments always appreciated.
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The Highlander masterlist gets its own post... hadn't realised I'd written so much... The categories are somewhat arbitrary, but I'm open to suggestions, otherwise choose your poison

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So, as promised and before I have to dash off tonight...

Wake Up Call )
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Right, as promised, the timeline. These are in chronological order for the main plot. Flashback fics are listed where they make most sense to read, but I've put them in italics. You won't miss anything vital if you don't read them and they don't have to be read in the order I've listed, but they might explain a few things. You can find all these in my memories or via the wingfic tag.

* - The Man Comes Around - the fic that started it all, but not really part of the series
1 - Building a Mystery
2 - Fury
3 - Unburied Past
* - The Paragon of Animals
* - The First Regret
* - Negotiations
4 - Unasked Questions; Unspoken Answers
5 - Left Behind
6 - Between the Lines
* - Legacies
* - Meetings of Chance and Fate & Epilogue
7 - The Long Way Home
8 - A Fox Tale
9 - Anniversary Gifts
10 - Wake Up Call

ETA: 23rd Jan '08 - Part 9 now entitled Anniversary Gifts and reposted in more or less final form - no really substantive changes though.

ETA: 30th Jan '08 - Part 10 'Wake Up Call' now up
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Happy Christmas everyone. Have a new Wingfic :-)

Negotiations )
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'Tis my youngest brother's birthday today, so I shall wish him much happiness and fun.

I should probably be doing my Japanese homework for tomorrow, have instead been doing something else...

A Fox Tale )


Sep. 1st, 2006 04:47 pm
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I'm not sure how many of you have been waiting for this, but...

As usual any title suggestions would be gratefully received; also there's some clumsy dialogue and a bit I'm thinking I may transplant to another fic, but I'm not sure. See what you think anyway.

Anniversary Gifts )

ETA: 23rd January 2008 for tweaks to the fic

Fic things

Apr. 30th, 2006 02:37 pm
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I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with this, but then I don't think I've ever been entirely happy with anything I've written *shrug* the curse of the perpetual editor.

Anyway, this is sort of for [ profile] darthhellokitty who has probably forgotten she even asked for this, it was so long ago ;-)

This is part of the epic, but it's a flashback fic and doesn't really tie to any particular part of the story, so it can be read as a standalone... although obviously if you've read at least as far as The First Regret you'll have much more of a clue and not be going WTF all the time ;-)

The Paragon of Animals )


Jan. 8th, 2006 05:29 pm
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I've made my own icon and it's animated even... Of course it probably won't be funny to anyone who's not done a martial art or similar, but still - I like it.

Aikido itself didn't go so well yesterday; my knee was alright, but I've been hovering round the edges of a cold for the last week or more and about 10 minutes into the session it was like someone had pulled a plug, I had no energy at all :-( Got home and watched the director's cut of Daredevil, not sure if it's better than the other version or not, but it is different. It's not just a case of adding bits to the cinema version they've actually rejigged it and chopped out some bits that were in the other version, so... not sure - still good though. And wrong as it is, the bit with Bullseye and the old lady on the plane still makes me laugh. It's possible I may be slightly twisted.

Another example of that would be the fact that I've done the epilogue for that flashback fic (I'm sure titles would help, but...) wherein I answer the 'who' and then make a mystery of the 'why' or perhaps the 'why not'. I just can't seem to leave these things alone ;-) Anyway, the epilogue is there for anyone who wants to read it, it's better than I thought it would be I think, but any comments would be welcome.

Meetings of Chance and Fate - Epilogue )
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In half an hour I have to go to work - this is so unfair. I need a holiday to recover from the holidays. Anyway, I shall take a book and try not to think of all the things I could be doing instead - like fic.

Speaking of which, I edited last night and was quite pleased with the results, BUT I don't know if it needs an epilogue. I think it might; it all depends on whether or not you can identify the OMC in this one. Some of you I've told so that doesn't count, but anyone else... is he recognisable? Or more accurately is there enough circumstantial evidence to point to a particular person - he's someone mentioned in the series in passing, but never named or described except in the most general terms. Oh and it's one of the Flashback fics in the series so it's not necessary to the central plot, but may add something. See what you think anyway.

Meetings of Chance and Fate )

I should go get ready for work, but somehow the enthusiasm is just non-existant.
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Well, doesn't feel much like Christmas, but I have presents and I stuffed myself at lunchtime. The rest of the family turns up tomorrow and bedlam ensues pobably. The Royal Tenenbaums is on the TV, or on the DVD anyway, weird but entertaining. I'm hanging on for the Doctor Who special at 7pm. I quite want to watch some of the previous eps, but the DVD players in this room won't play the disks and the other room is too cold :-(

Anyway, this next fic is still a draft, I'm not sure I'm too happy with it, it's too bitty, so any comments appreciated. It helps to get the opinions of people who don't live in my head.

The Long Way Home )
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Vacuuming just isn't that much fun. I should probably also think about having something to eat. And possibly not aggravating my dad so much, but then if he actually did something about it I wouldn't have to mention it and he's only aggravated so easily by it because he knows he's in the wrong and he only has himself to blame... not that it seems to make much difference to his behaviour. Hmmm, does ranting count as constructive?

Anyway, next fic going up and no, the title is purely coincidental to the rant.

Fury )


Dec. 23rd, 2005 03:54 pm
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Finally, no more work for over a week. Of course now I want to sleep and there's tidying and cleaning and all sorts still to do. I really need to do some more typing up and I need to have a long chat with someone about the next part in the series 'cause I have various scenes and I don't know what order they should go in or whether they should be separate fics or whether I should just scrap them altogether. I suppose it might help if I knew where it was ultimately going, but... nah, takes all the fun out of it. Anyway, next part is going up - it's only short so...

Messages )

Y'know if anyone thinks of any better titles or summaries please let me know.
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Right, timelines, err.... okay then. For want of anything better and so as not give away plot points to the unsuspecting, we'll call this series Building a Mystery. Not terribly original, but *shrug*

timeline )

I should probably also mention that this is a work in progress though the individual parts are complete - no cliffhangers... well depending on your definitions anyway. Also, I've unlocked the memories so you should be able to get to all the posted parts now.

Right think that's it, I really, really need to go get ready now.
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You know, I was looking at my fic folder the other day and realised I've done like about 80 fics... anyway here's another one.

Legacies )

I will do the timeline next, I think, this is the first of the flashback fics as it were so maybe now would be a good point before it gets too confusing.
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It occurs to me that I should probably do some kind of timeline for this, thereby maybe reducing the confusion that comes as standard when I write... I may not have time, I'm supposed to be going out in about... 40 minutes and I have other stuff to sort before then... we'll see. Anyway, I have a title for this one so - yay!

Left Behind )

More fic

Dec. 22nd, 2005 05:49 pm
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Next part - if anyone has any title suggestions I'd love to hear them, I'm so bad at titles :-(

Unasked Questions; Unspoken Answers )
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Last one of the night I think, a nice cheerful little thing - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The First Regret )

Third fic

Dec. 21st, 2005 08:56 pm
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I know, I know it's a crappy title, I'm open to suggestions...

Unburied Past )
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Building A Mystery )