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After a kitchen sink backup yesterday and finding all sort of old interesting things on the hard drive, I think I shall post an old fic that has been lying around for years. Stargate for variety. I think I've improved somewhat since then, but the jury's still out I think. I shall probably have to post something new for comparison's sake.

Crossing the Broca Divide )
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So, perhaps a little late and I suspect I really need to work on the definition of 'drabble' but what the hey...

For [ profile] slb44 who wanted Stargate, preferably J/D, using 'denial', 'cripple' and 'flicker'. Two out of three's not bad ;-) It's my first attempt at dialogue only and since I tend to suck at dialogue maybe it wasn't such a good idea, but... let me know what you think.

None So Blind )


Aug. 6th, 2006 04:28 pm
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So I lied... but this definitely is the last one for a while since I'd have to type up the next part and I haven't even looked at it in ages so I have no idea how complete the next part is *shrug*

Sequel to Baby Steps

Pushing Boundaries )

Last one...

Aug. 6th, 2006 03:57 pm
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for now anyway. Sequel to Thinking It Through.

Baby Steps )
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The sequel to A Step in the Right Direction.

Thinking It Through )
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More Stargate, sequel to Sins of Commission. Re-reading these, I'm actually quite pleased, my first foray into first person pov and a new fandom and I think they're actually some of my better fic. Of course your mileage may vary...

A Step in the Right Direction )
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I should have posted this so long ago... along with about 50 other fics - ha! One day I will get these things sorted... maybe...

Sins of Commission )
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Bored, should probably get to bed, but I can't be bothered so... From the depths of the hard drive - Stargate SG1...

Sins of Omission )


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