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Title: Picking Up The Pieces

Pairing: Sherlock/John

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: BDSM, consensual violence

Wordcount: ~1,500

Summary: In the aftermath of a case gone a bit wrong, John does what he has to to help Sherlock get past it. Could be classified as hurt/comfort...if maybe they're the same thing...

On A03 here
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Title: His Greatest Composition
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: porn with no redeeming features whatsoever
Wordcount: ~1,000
Summary: Porn, really mostly porn, no redeeming features to be found here at all.

A/N: This fic is for the birthday of [personal profile] evildrem

His Greatest Composition )

Comments appreciated.
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I really have very little recollection of writing this.

Sharp and Sweet )
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A post-Reichenbach short fic that I found this afternoon and apparently wrote in January, but have no recollection of writing at all. It's a bit rough, but...

Faith Hurts )
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This can stand alone or it can be considered part of my Three Degrees 'verse.

A New Player has joined the Game )
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Right, well I'm not going into this week at work, or indeed the preceding weekend, as both could quite frankly have used some improvement. Instead I am trying to improve my mood via fic - I have 2 ready and this one got posted first mainly by virtue of actually having a title...

Calculated Risks )
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A very belated birthday fic for [personal profile] crowie. See I do these things eventually ;)

Priorities )
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Inspired by this prompt on the kinkmeme some time ago...

This is a subject that is rather near and oh so very not-dear to my heart, so bearing that in mind, I am warning that this deals with panic attacks and could be triggery for some (or maybe it will help, I don't know)...

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself )
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So yeah, I've had full intarwebz for a while now and have been terribly remiss in posting the fics I promised (Sherlock, Who, Merlin and Highlander). I blame RL being crazy and now I have a bad cold :(

Anyway, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Here is the first of those fics though, and I definitely blame the cold for this one. And [personal profile] evildrem

Brains )

FYI: Despite the title this is not zombie!fic
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Oh look, shocker, BT have yet again failed to deliver despite phone calls, emails and texts promising me. The sheet of 'annoying crap' this has involved has now stretched to a second page. As soon as I get my modem, I'm writing that letter.

Anyway, have some fic, I appear to be perfecting some kind of combo-kink move...

Cold Heart, Warm Hands )
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So, the BT saga continues, the engineer visit that was scheduled for this morning and for which I changed my birthday plans, and which was confirmed twice... never happened. No visit, no call, no internet, no phone line. Cue 6 minutes going round in circles on the BT phone menu before finally getting through to a person - who was a foreign call centre operative. Went through all the story and everything; she confirmed that the visit was still scheduled and was both surprised and apologetic that I hadn't even had an explanatory call. But she then put me through to a guy on the faults section, whose accent made him very difficult to understand, and I then went through the whole thing *again* and he told me everything she had and said he had to look into it and would call me back "immediately". 5 hours on, still waiting, well not really, pretty much given up. Guess I'll be calling BT *again* on Monday. If I don't get a discount for this amount of hassle I will be very unimpressed.

Anyway, enough of that - here is a little bit of birthday fic. Stupid BT trying to wreck my little tradition...

Scratching the Itch )
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Some of you *eyes the usual suspects meaningfully* know exactly where this comes from, so I suppose I should thank you for helping me get some writing done after this last week... even if it was done at work. Have you got your popcorn ready? ;)

Clothes Maketh the Man – Lack of Clothes Maketh the Man Hard )
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I wonder if I can compose some kind of warning for the inside of my head? Or does it suffice simply to see my name on something? This is kind of a kink fic, but I'm not responding to a particular prompt, just, y'know, indulging myself ;)

Adjusting )