Jul. 29th, 2010 10:09 pm
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Came across a song rec and wow... Not only is it a great tune (if perhaps an example of my eclectic taste in music), but the lyrics cover a great many of my fandom pairings :))

[personal profile] evildrem This may be one for you, if you don't already know it ;)

"If I put my hands around your wrists, would you fight them?
If I put my fingers in your mouth, would you bite them?
So many things that I would do - if I had my way with you"

Recs again

Jul. 1st, 2010 02:53 pm
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Vita Longa by Sam Storyteller. Post-Big Bang, Rory waiting, starts off gen and then heads into OT3 territory. Lovely and I particularly like the Doctor in this :)

Then we have The Time I've Spent by Rheanna. Post Big Bang again, Rory and the Doctor talk, genfic.

It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back) by Nostalgia. I don't know how to describe this, but it's very short (very) and very close to something I thought in the space between the Pandorica Opens and Big Bang.

Kindred Spirits by RobinC. Set during the Lodger. Very, very short, but like the ep in question made me laugh and is in fact So True!

Just a Moment by rickmaniac101. Written in the wake of Cold Blood and therefore all happily fixed now, but a look at the Doctor in the wake of what happened then.

Fare by honeynoir. Just a little light domesticity on board the TARDIS. Rory-centric.

New Old Shoes by KelinciHutan. Genfic. Because I like the carryover between 10 and 11.

before we go on by saywheeee. I may have recced this before. Just the Doctor and Amy in the aftermath of a mishap. Not sure why I like it, just do. Genfic.

Something in the Hair by Redscharlach. If the title isn't enough warning then OMG THE PUNS!!! 10 and 11 meet and just wow. If puns and innuendo are not your thing - don't read this - if you do read this, you probably shouldn't be drinking anything at the same time ;)

Twelve Years in Twelve Days by Siani. What Amelia Pond did for the twelve years she waited. Genfic.

Break of Day by dbskyler. Takes place during Eleventh Hour, in the 12yrs/5mins gap. The Doctor asks a friend for some advice. Genfic.

Rewards by unslinky. Genfic. And also there needs to be more Wilf.

Mad Nursing Skillz by Sahiya. Genfic. Because I like a nice bit of h/c and also awww :)

Without Past by [profile] darklyenigmatic The 11th Doctor and the Master meet. Short piece that has a nice feel to it and a wonderful last line.

Come Along Ponds by loveslashangst. OT3 PWP series of the NC-17 variety. I couldn't say why this one works, just that it does. It really does.

Remade by Lefaym. Genfic, just the Doctor and his TARDIS. I've been thinking of writing something kind of similar at some point.

Towels by Circadienne. OT3. I love the logic behind writing it - it sounds so familiar :) Fun, fluff and I don't know why, but I always like fic that have those casual little moments when companions realise the Doctor's not human and just accept it.
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And a rec before I forget it Incubus by [profile] saywheeeee because it's a bit darker than some of the stuff out there and I like the premise and a good bit of h/c is always nice. I'm not an Amy/11 shipper so I think the pairing can be pretty much ignored in this fic :)

Heartbreak Beat by seren_ccd. Shippy Amy/11, but done lightheartedly and with teh hot.

To Last Forever by Gryffens. Short, unexpected threesome, but odd and kind of fits with the ep it's based around - Vincent/Amy/Doctor

A Good Egg, Slightly Cracked by TurtleGoose. A perspective piece, Rory and the Doctor, Rory's POV.

New Dawn Fades by [personal profile] omphalos Doctor/Master AU, very long, well plotted and excellent mind!sex :-)

Better Than Shakespeare by [profile] evilawyer_fic Doctor/Master, funny and also hot :-)
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Am in a dark, bitey sort of mood today, wasn't this morning, am now. The recs probably reflect this, and when I say probably I mean read the warnings first...

These are all by [personal profile] snowgrouse who in addition to excellent writing generally and very hot pr0n specifically, also does some very good photoshopping - no links here for that, but do have a browse ;-)

No More Dark!fic rec because I was surprised by how much I liked it given the warnings and because this is as close to a happy ending as I can see Rose's Human!Doctor ever having. This is not a happy fic, but it's one that resonates.

Reputation Touch Because bladed weapons+pr0n=of the good.

Time Rim Yeah, look at the title and if you can't guess the content from that, you probably shouldn't read this one - this is filth - good filth...

Morning Constitutional This is wrong, wrong, wrong on a whole range of levels, but also good and some of it is really not my kink and some of it really is (I'm not telling which).

And a one off Please by [profile] von_gelmini 100 word drabble, but each word weighs... and also Solace by the same author

Life on Earth by [personal profile] ariafic another Life on Mars crossover. gen and actually not dark at all.
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Because there is not enough 11 fic yet and it made me LOL

Deliberately Uncreative by [personal profile] tierfal 11/Jeff - you remember Jeff, "the good looking one". Short, funny and yes, he really is from another planet.

ETA: Apparently I told a lie, there is another decent Life on Mars/Doctor Who crossover and that would be: The Mischief of Memories by [personal profile] yo_mawari. It's only a little bit slashy and it helps if you know both fandoms.


May. 31st, 2010 08:24 pm
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If you haven't already come across this, then stop what you're doing and watch this: Tenth Doctor: The Musical. Seriously. Don't be put off by the length or the description. This is a work of PURE GENIUS! and I don't caps lock lightly. Possibly for me what seals it is the meta angle - you'll see what I mean before long and you'll really get it at the closing shot. Also stick around for the credits ;-)

I'm now going to watch it again because I need something to recover from having received this email from my sensei: How would you like to perform (aikido, that is) in front of several hundred aikido students plus the acknowledged head of aikido in the whole world (for about 50 seconds)?

WAAAHHH. Must distract myself now...
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So prowling the comms and the archives and wow is there a lot of badfic out there. Well sadly there often is, but in Doctor Who it does seem to tend towards the MarySues and really dreadful BDSM *shakes head* OTOH some of the crack!fic is fantastic :-) Anyway, I have bravely sacrificed much free time to separate the wheat from the chaff from the utterly awesome, and this obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with avoiding writing my own...

So, without further ado...

Need by Lamiel.
10/Master, AU either from Last of the Time Lords or from End of Time as so many are, I can't remember which. The opening exchange hooked me straight off since I am easily amused. Starts off amusingly light and gets rather more intense as it goes, so read the warnings if you're not sure, though on my own personal scale this doesn't rate as anything extreme. Long and very good. It also has a version of the Master pretty close to my own, one scene in particular had me cursing as it was very similar to a scene I was playing with in my head - ah well. Anyway definitely recommended reading if your tastes run this way... [personal profile] evildrem this is probably one for you ;-)

Then we have Human Again by Aralias. Doctor Who/Life on Mars crossover. The idea entertained me enough to read it, but it turned out to be surprisingly well done. It could have been jarring and clunky, but actually the two 'verses fit together quite neatly and, I dunno, I just liked the feel of it. And Sam's bewilderment over the choice of gifts - you'll see what I mean.

Unsurprisingly, that crossover is not unheard of, rather more unusual is the fact that this second one is also well done, though different in style and approach. Five Times Sam Tyler Met the Doctor by Fallen_iceangel. I suspect there are more of this crossover out there, I suspect not all of them will be up to the standard of these two, but investigation is almost inevitable.

Without End by [personal profile] versaphile Post End of Time AU, 10/Master. I really love the mood in this one. Short and sweet isn't the right term, poignant maybe, h/c with a hopeful ending, I don't know. Definitely recommend it though, along with Need this would be my current favourite.

Now all of these next ones are by [profile] nemaline and I most definitely recommend them all.
Poisoned Diamonds Gen (yeah, I know), remix of the S4 ep Midnight, if Last of the Time Lords had ended differently and the Master accompanied the Doctor on his tourist trip. Quite long and interesting variations on the ep.

Change for the Better 10/Master but mainly gen. This features a 4yr old Master, I see your reaction, but fear not, would I ever lead you astray? Well I would, but you'd probably enjoy it ;-) A refreshing lack of the cloying sweetness I usually associate with kid!fic, but then this is the Master and, yeah, sweet child probably not terribly likely.

Then we have Chasing the Paradox and this is epic Doctor/Master. This is a *long* fic, but well worth the read. [profile] nemaline does an absolutely amazing job with the interweaving timelines. There are parts around Chapters 7, 8 and 9 where the timelines synch up that are really gorgeous h/c and possibly my favourite bits. My one let down is probably towards the end, but that's more of a personal pref than any flaw in the writing. There is an occurrence that felt a bit unnecessary to me (that would be the personal pref) and the resulting final solution seemed a little too pat, particularly since the reader spent the previous 12 chapters or whatever tracing this fantastically complicated relationship. But that is IMO and shouldn't put you off the story, because it could be equally argued that by that point all the hard work had been done, so to speak, so the solution had to finally come down to something simple.

And finally one story, two perspectives La Grande Mort - Doctor's pov and La Grande Mort - Master's pov. This is 10/Master in the Year That Never Was. She describes this as dark and, well, it could have been something I would write - take that as you like ;-) I think personally I prefer the Doctor's pov, but I couldn't quite say why, perhaps that her Master here doesn't quite gel with my own version. They are nevertheless both good and worth a read.

I think that's it for now. Time for a snack, a cup of tea and then Going Postal

ETA: Just checked, no more decent Life on Mars crossovers, but some truly dire ones :-(


May. 18th, 2010 03:21 pm
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More for my own reference, rediscovered in the great fic trawl of 2010 last weekend, but feel free to use and abuse them if you like :-)

Doctor Who

Shouting at the Sky by DameRuth. 10/Master, taking off from an AU ending of End of Time.

Endgame by [personal profile] edzel2 11/Master. I couldn't say quite why I like this one, but I do. Maybe it's because 11 sounds right, which is very impressive given it's still early days for this Doctor.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Burn Your Bridges Down by [personal profile] the_dala James Norrington/Jack Sparrow. Awesomely awesome hurt/comfort. And its sequel Careful How You Bend Me.

When to Stop by [personal profile] jaekayelle. Jack/James, short, sweet amnesia fic.

Five Things That Never Happened to Jack and James by [personal profile] scatter_muse. Jack/James, I think there are actually 6 or 7 things by the end of it. This is a series of AUs, some very different, some not so much. A really good read anyway.

Never Say Die by [personal profile] hippediva. Fix it, Jack/James, quite long and very good, complete with art too.

Pirate Vindaloo" also by [personal profile] hippediva. In fact, just read all of [personal profile] hippediva's stuff. It's good and the extra bonus art is well worth a visit :-)


Love by [profile] 47_trek_47. Yeah I know Heroes has gone downhill, but this takes place at the end of S1 so all is still good. Anyway, this is the one and only Petrellicest fic I can/will read. Very good, very hot and very in character, IMO of course.

Crossover from the Star Trek kink_meme Gen, just because I like the idea of Sylar and Spock being related :-)

Star Trek

Girls are Great by [profile] tkp Kirk/Spock (of course) genderswitching done with style and a huge amount of hot sex.

I think that's it for now, I will invariably have forgotten something, but nevermind...

Fanvid Rec

May. 17th, 2010 05:03 pm
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Because I feel like it and because I want some Doctor/Master fic...

Timelords We're Used To


Mar. 3rd, 2010 07:06 pm
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For anyone who fancies a long fic for a change, found at fanfiction.net of all places Have to Drive by McStories.

Honestly this is the best fic I've read in a while. It's original flavour NCIS and it's Tony/Tim I'm not even entirely sure why I clicked on it, but I'm glad I did.

It's in character and has a good plot and I think what I like most about it is the fact that it's underplayed beautifully. The h/c is real and scary and not overdone, there's no big deal about the discovery of a character being bisexual, there's no big gay crisis, none of the characters are set up to be hated and similarly none of them have the sun shining out of their arse, and there's no overblown angst-fest. It could actually be an episode... in which case I'd be most definitely recording round about chapters 14/15 ;-))

It's team-oriented too, so while it focuses on Tony and Tim all the team are there and they're all in character too. There are also some very good lines, and I mean good as in both in character and kind of funny.

Lastly, it hits a few... I'm not sure 'kinks' is the right word - vocab it fails me. [livejournal.com profile] evildrem help me out here - there is competency and independence and Gibbs is ...umm Not Happy as only Gibbs can be and he's not the only one ;-)

There are a few typos, mostly stuff a spellchecker wouldn't spot, but as they say 'nothing's perfect'... I'll be looking for more by this author.
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Home for those craving longfic. This is a WIP, but is updated almost daily and 24 chapters are up already. K/S but not explicit, it's a slow-build fic again as well, but well worth the read, I highly recommend it.

A Logical Progression This is mainly Amanda/Sarek, but based around the birth and early childhood of Spock. It's just really nice.

Vokaya t'telsu, Zarahk-tor and Besu-es This is a K/S series and most enjoyable. I also recommend High Times by the same author just because (green-blooded cat-monkeys).

I'm sure there are more I've read that are worthy of rec, but I can't remember them right now, oh well.

ETA: D'oh! Nearly forgot...
Evolution Part 1 Part 2 is up now as well, but I like Part 1 more. K/S slow-build, but Part 1 feels very much like a TOS episode. I'm not sure how but it really captures the feel - you can almost see the papier mache boulders and stuff ;-)

And of course You'll Get there in the end (it just takes a while) Some of you will know Seperis from her Merlin fic, if you do then I need say no more. If you don't - why not? An interesting take on Pon Farr, I'm not 100% convinced of the idea, but it's the first time I've seen it done and it's well written and therefore leagues ahead of a lot of other stuff out there.

Shut up and eat your vegetables h/c K/S. Kind of sweet.

What the Heart Wants K/S
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Closer v2 Does this need an explanation? Really? It's based on Killa's epic K/S vid, but with the new K/S. It's interesting to see the differences in character, but also - awesome...

Through Water Not sure how to describe this one, post-mindmeld K/S and it needs a sequel.

Compatibility Test Jim Kirk promoting intercultural understanding... no really. Amusing and also strangely believable - attending the classes is worlds away from understanding a thing. I am hugely amused by Spock's approach to the whole thing and I particularly like Kirk's voice in this one - and his identification of emotion through raised-eyebrow height. This gets bonus point for making me LOL during a sex scene without actually losing any of the heat... impressive ;-)

Breaking Points WIP with promise.

We Reach Our Apogee Slowly WIP. K/S Really slow build, but holds a lot of promise.
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Next up may be vids, or possibly Merlin, or maybe I'll actually do what I should be doing and get some more of the Ultraviolet fic written - I really, really should... Anyway, herewith the last rec until the next one

To The Best of my Recollection Another post-mindmeld fic. I like the dialogue between Kirk and Spock in this one, it has an amusing feel to it, kind of a tentative precursor to the banter that their friendship will eventually produce, that occasionally slips into the real thing.
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Since I haven't managed to clear out *all* the archives yet ;-)

Three People Captain Kirk Did Not Sleep With (and one he did) I like Kirk's reasonings in this one, they fit the image vs actuality of his character, and the stuff about Bones feels amusingly apt.

A Not Entirely Unselfish Endeavor Gen(ish) Spock!Prime's thoughts on meeting the younger James T Kirk. A bit sad, a bit sweet, but hopeful in a sly sort of way in the end. Very Spock (Prime that is).

Taking the slower path (we'll get there in the end) Gen, maybe pre-slash if you want to see it that way, but as the title says, very much the slower path. Very nicely written.

ETA: Awesome vid though working with less than brilliant quality source material Poker face
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...everyone else can be too.

Haven't quite worked out how to do links on DW so bear with me. No warnings because I'm crap at judging them, also if you're here chances are you've read some of my stuff or know me so the various contents shouldn't really come as any surprise ;-) Anyway, without further ado and in no particular order, these are some of the reasons why I have been so useless at a great many things of late...

Merriam Webster - This is just beautifully poetic Kirk/Spock contemplation.

Precious Things Series - Genfic and the first two parts (Precious Things and Points of Intersection) kind of make your breath catch at the loss and the heartbreak. This is the Vulcans dealing with the loss of their world. I think it's the Vulcan controlled grief or... I dunno, articulation is not my strong point at the moment, but the first two parts of this series get to me. None of the crew feature, but there is a guest appearance by a familiar character from TOS and later by Spock!Prime.

How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership - Hugely amusing ensemble piece and so in character, if you read any of these recs, read this one. Gen with a hint of K/S (of course)

the ups and downs of you - Kirk/Spock De-aging crack!fic because Kirk is hugely amusing when he's at a loss and Wee!Spock is to be feared ;-)

I'll Get It Kirk/Spock. Very short and kinda cute.

Response - Part of the kink_meme. Violence, adrenaline high Kirk/Spock with protective!Kirk

Unnamed kinkfic - Another kink-meme fic. Because, well, violence and protective!Spock. Although my brain did insist it had to be a crossover because Silurians are Doctor Who...

Seven Assertions - What it says on the label. K/S from the kink_meme again, but a longer one this time. Spock *cough* asserts himself whilst disputing some of Kirk's own assertions.

Unnamed from the kink_meme - Vocal!Spock... or not... kind of sweet

Mindmeld sex Does this really need any more of a description? Sweet more than hot... maybe...

When it is with your body - Vulcan dirty talk is not quite the same as the human version (at which they would Fail, IMO). No, bear with me. This works. Really. Lower the eyebrow. Also - Hot.

What Lies Beneath - K/S first time. Emotional content, angst, but also some very amusing moments (because even angsting they can't resist teh snark) as Kirk helps (in that specialised Kirk way) Spock deal with the destruction of Vulcan.

Need K/S first time. Slightly melancholy to start, but fixes that nicely without being too abrupt ;-)

Breaking Points Kirk/Spock, WIP, but showing potential

Small Steps Another K/S WIP, but 2 of the 3 parts are already up.

Stars Apart, Shine the Same Almost forgot this one which would have been a shame. K/S. Effects of the mindmeld on Kirk, a lot of TOS overlap which works well with this Kirk trying to work out where he stands with this Spock.

Pon Farr fics - Because they deserve a section of their own, even if there aren't that many of them yet.

Heat - Because nuzzling and growling? On the bridge? FTW.

All that we can be, not just what we are Oh, how to distinguish these... this is the one with Determined!I-can-take-it!Kirk and both of them locked on the Observation deck.

Is that even possible? Technically Pon Farr fic, not sure why I'm including this one. The mood of it bounces a bit and the characterisation isn't the best I've seen. I think it's because of paragraphs like this: He tried to tell himself a Vulcan couldn’t be that great a lay anyway, what with their haughtiness, apparent lack of emotions and unrelenting logic. It didn’t stop his mind from wandering back to the footnotes on the Vulcan section of his beloved Xeno:Kama Sutra. God. Pon Farr. Primal, instinct driven, marathon sex. Telepathic, primal, instinct driven, marathon sex. And that should give you a good idea of the type of fic it is ;-)

Past Sorrows, Present Joy Scroll down and start with this one, but there are several sequels. This is longer than many fics I've seen of late with more build-up and mindmeld induced flashbacks to TOS. Probably the most thought out of the Pon Farr fics I've seen and has an actual semblance of plot too - if anyone finds any more, do tell me ;-)

Hmm, I was going to include a few Merlin recs too, since that's been occupying the other half of my brain, but it's taken me ages already and I have things to do.

ETA: Added a few more