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So, in a fit of being extremely organized this afternoon (and avoiding work entirely) I created a delicious account for my fic, because I'm sick of not being able to remember what I've posted. This should make it easier for everyone to track down the fic they want.

I will update it as and when, but as of this afternoon everything posted is in there and tagged, even if they don't all have descriptions yet. Alarmingly there seem to be over 100 fics there...

Anyway, they can all be found here

Enjoy :)


Mar. 1st, 2010 05:03 pm
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I've been editing my fic masterlists and I give up trying to work out fic ratings, so I'm giving my own definitions.

Gen = not necessarily sweet and fluffy (this is me after all), but no razor blades in the apples or pr0n-music background track

PG-15 = essentially the same as Gen, but a little more mature in its themes - some violence, some implied sexual relationships, but nothing more than kissing in all likelihood.

NC-17 = hardcore. This means there is likely to be: violence ranging from the purely emotional (which is not necessarily the nicest end of the spectrum) to full on blood and circuses; or explicit sex scenes (homosexual or heterosexual) which may or may not be combined with the aforementioned violence. Unfortunately this means that a tooth-achingly sweet PWP will rate the same as extreme violence, so I do advise at least glancing at the warnings if one or the other is likely to bother you ;-)

I will warn for violence, I will warn for slash and for het (to be fair), and I will warn for non-canonical death of canon characters though this being me, it's very unlikely (but not entirely unheard of) that this will be anything more than a minor character, if it is I will warn for that too. I'll also warn for anything else that I think might be a trigger for people - though I can't guarantee complete accuracy on that front for obvious reasons.

I think that's it... now let's see if it holds up.
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The Highlander masterlist gets its own post... hadn't realised I'd written so much... The categories are somewhat arbitrary, but I'm open to suggestions, otherwise choose your poison

Wingfic )

Methos/Kronos/Duncan )

No pairing )

Methos/Duncan )

Methos/Kronos )

Methos/Alexa )


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