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Not sure whether it should be Merlin or Highlander next, but for now - Who. Not my most polished piece, but...

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ETA: Thanks go to [personal profile] evildrem for letting me *cough* borrow her jellybaby story. That'll teach me to post fic before I go to work...
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So, to make up (maybe) for some of my recent whining - a fic. A totally non-whiny fic even. Just the Master, being the Master in his own unique interpretation of festive spirit :)

Gallifreyan Secret Santa )
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I've been going through my posted fic and I'd swear I posted a Bond/HL crossover, but can I find it... maybe it was Secret Santa or something... also I'm not sure how I don't seem to have posted so many fic - it's disturbing. Anyway, this was all prompted by [personal profile] evildrem reminding me that I hadn't posted a fic I owed her - my bad. I honestly had completely forgotten about it. Fixing it now :)

Of all the Gin Joints in all the Universe )
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So in the interests of fairness, since I posted for Canada Day... I suppose I should warn that there are spoilers for 05x13 Big Bang, though I imagine anyone interested has seen it by now ;)

The Time Lord Who Waited (Badly) )
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So... some light fluff for [personal profile] jhava because it's Canada Day :)

Why do I have such a hard time thinking of titles? )

I guess this means I should post something for July 4th too, but I don't know who's American out there...
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Okay so, last night's ep? Made. Of. Win. Awesome on so many levels and so for [personal profile] evildrem since she is clearly an experienced enabler, we have a fic, based around one conversation (of many in that ep) that made me LOL.

Not as cracky as I'd hoped for, but the inadvertant creation of Rentboy!11 amused me enough to allay the disappointment ;-) Takes place during 05x11 The Lodger, but no spoilers unless you count the house share...

Not Expecting This )
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Another drabble for [personal profile] crowie again, who wanted Martha and the Year That Never Was... Also watched the Runaway Bride again, don't think I've seen it since it first aired, caught a line I never noticed the first time around because at the time it apparently meant nothing - in retrospect - I think I can work with it ;-) Meanwhile...

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For [personal profile] crowie who requested Rory and 11 stuck in a lift and this is so far from my usual stuff for all sorts of reasons so I have no idea how well, or not, it's worked. Also bonus points for spotting the nod to another TV show.

This way for fic )


Jun. 8th, 2010 10:01 pm
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For [personal profile] evildrem since she's the only one to take me up on it.

Some Nights )
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Okay, so for reasons that escape me this pairing has completely taken over my brain. It might be something do with the streaming cold I've got, but *shrug* I don't know. I blame this fic on this vid, plus another vid called Darker by 45Eugenia that I can't find now, and that split-second, amused look 11 gave when he told the Dream Lord that he knew *exactly* who he was.

The biggest credit though has to go to [personal profile] edzel2 who not only wrote the excellent and clearly inspiring Endgame, but very kindly gave me permission to write a sequel to it, even though she's writing her own. Thanks :-)

In my head this is a sequel, however it will probably standalone because let's face it - not an awful lot of plot here ;-) However I do strongly suggest reading Endgame first 'cause it's good :-)

Plus Ca Change )

Doctor Who

Dec. 25th, 2009 07:27 pm
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I have it on good authority that I was not the only one thinking they were going to kiss. Therefore...

Listen )

Spoilers? Not really - none of any significance - not unless Part Two features a way better flashback scene than I would expect to see on a show aimed at a general audience ;-)
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You'll never guess what prompted a dream recently... typed from scratch straight into this so if you spot any typos let me know.

Belated birthday gift for Jhava if she wants it )
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I need to something constructive today and this is as close as it gets...

A sequel to Em's drabble in honour of tonight's viewing.

Helm/Jack Sequel )
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'Cause I am sooo bored. I told myself I would refrain from watching any more Oz until this evening, but in the meantime I'm bored. I have to say I was starting to lose interest in Oz - shocking I know - but I think it got too diffuse plot and character-wise for a while, that would be early S4 by the way. However, as I last left it that problem seemed to be remedying itself, so yay! Possibly not helped by the little voice in the back of my head chiming in as I watched the last ep with a lovely rendition of 'Let the Bodies Hit the Floor' ;-) I'm not sure Keller qualifies as a sociopath technically, since that implies actions without consideration for others - he does consider, so either he's someone whose definition of society is *really* small or he's someone whose sense of self is slightly more inclusive than most. I think I'm inclined to the latter, 'cause there's more than a hint of possession there don'tcha think? Just a smidgen of mineminemine ;-)

Anyway, to meet my constructive quotient for the day, I've done a last edit of a previously unposted fic so here it is...

Hope for the Future )
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Some of these are surprisingly easy to write - seriously. I thought this one would be so difficult and it just... wasn't. Also, I kinda like it, it's all pretty and nice, but then I wrote it and I'm biased ;-) And I definitely need to work on the definiton of drabble, I'm fairly sure it shouldn't be over 1,000 words - I may have to reclassify these as ficlets.

This one's for [ profile] evildrem who despite being comment number 4 in the drabble requests, wins it anyway by virtue of being lovely - it's a lonely virtue so it needs all the encouragement it can get ;-) No title I'm afraid, so any suggestions would be great.

Without further ado...

No More Tears To Shed )


Jan. 21st, 2006 05:01 pm
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I was feeling quite fed up and down, but I had a good Aikido session - for the first time in months I feel like I made some kind of progress - not much, but some. I'm still tired and fed up, but not so bad. I don't know whether to the watch JB in the ice skating thing tonight, I may just try to catch the repeat tomorrow or something... then again I don't really have any plans for the evening so I may as well do that as anything.

Anyway, in other news and speaking of JB... the sequel to Rescue is available for perusal - mostly smut, but I am pleased with some of the dialogue.

Recognition )
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Well another year gone, we won't talk about the lack of progress that went on there, we shall instead endeavour to be positive. Ha!

Last day off tomorrow - pout. I want more holiday. Also, I want the new series of Doctor Who. Just watched TCI again and the trailers are annoyingly tempting.

A little something by way of New Years. I can't decide whether this stands as is or whether I should add in the second part. It was written as a single fic, but on looking at it, I think it may work better as fic and sequel, the tone changes too much between the halves. This is the first half, the second has yet to be typed up, but is just a tad slashy ;-)

Rescue )

See what you think anyway - title suggestions always welcome :-)

Shopping tomorrow, various Christmas vouchers to spend, don't know what to buy though... I'll have to make a list - some notebooks for writing, I want some boots if there are any good ones, tragically I don't think I'm likely to find a pair like River Tam's though - pout. Can't think of anything else, ah well.

Happy New Year everyone.


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