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These were supposed to be 100 words, but I kind of failed in that respect. I don't imagine I'll hear any complaints about that, but you never know ;-)

For [ profile] crowie who gave me the prompt that actually just kind of kept on prompting...

A Man Walks Into A Bar - Take 1: The Magician )

And for [ profile] evildrem who is also not well

A Man Walks Into A Bar - Take 2: The Immortal )

Comments appreciated
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Happy birthday [ profile] crowie! I tweaked it again - sorry - I'm compulsive that way ;-)

For someone, who knows who she is, who requested a fic masterlist. I'll work on it ;-) Incidentally, I know you don't comment much, but it would be appreciated on this one 'cause if you don't get what I've done/am trying to do here there's not much hope for anyone else getting it.

In the meantime, this fic belongs to the same 'verse as Three Degrees of Separation and Gambling Men but actually precedes them and so will stand alone. Those that are familiar with those stories will realise that this makes it a multi-crossover. Two fandoms are obvious in this story, the third less so, but I don't want to give it away.

Fair warning - this is baby!fic, however as [ profile] crowie said with touching faith - it is also me writing it - consider that also fair warning ;-))

Fathers, Brothers and Sons )


Jun. 20th, 2008 08:00 pm
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This was supposed to be 100 words - didn't quite make it. Half a guess what I just finished reading this afternoon.

HL/Lit crossover
20th June 2008

The servants had called him first, not the police; he wasn't surprised - it wasn't in them to act on their own initiative, that was the nature of servants after all. It was an ungodly hour to be up, but that was the price one sometimes paid for having friends. The dust and mould of the bare schoolroom seemed curious surroundings for such a splendid painting, yet the tale told itself to anyone who had seen as much as he had. He looked down at the decayed corpse of his friend and the knife embedded in his heart.

Behind him he heard the housekeeper shuffle uncertainly, “Lord Henry?

Methos straightened and shook his head sadly; Dorian, you fool.


New fic...

Sep. 30th, 2007 02:59 pm
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Well, new fic time. Follows on from Three Degrees of Separation. This should probably be for the birthdays I have missed recently, my bad. My only excuse is the nasty little lurgi I seem to have picked up somewhere from which I am still not entirely recovered.

Gambling Men )

New fic...

Jun. 10th, 2007 09:20 pm
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Really, really new as opposed to sat on my laptop for years but never been posted new.

For [ profile] crowie. She knows why.

Round and round and round we go, where the slash stops, nobody knows. Multi crossover, multi pairings :-)

Three Degrees of Separation )
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Or holiday of your choice or if you really don't care about such holidays - happy Tuesday ;-)

Embers )
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I need to something constructive today and this is as close as it gets...

A sequel to Em's drabble in honour of tonight's viewing.

Helm/Jack Sequel )
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...what. the. fuck? Seriously. I go to bed with a head full of tedious self-analysis and vague thoughts about future angst in the wingfic and you wake me up at 5.30am with *this*. Where did you get this from? This is not a complaint, please understand, this is sheer bafflement - also a fair amount of grogginess having been dragged out of bed at 5.45am to write it down before I forgot.

This is such crack - also, I want someone to draw me a picture, I have the mental image very clearly, but it needs to be shared better than I can do with words. Are you sure this isn't supposed to be [ profile] evildrem's or perhaps [ profile] jhava's?

Cut for bizarre dream drabble )
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Some of these are surprisingly easy to write - seriously. I thought this one would be so difficult and it just... wasn't. Also, I kinda like it, it's all pretty and nice, but then I wrote it and I'm biased ;-) And I definitely need to work on the definiton of drabble, I'm fairly sure it shouldn't be over 1,000 words - I may have to reclassify these as ficlets.

This one's for [ profile] evildrem who despite being comment number 4 in the drabble requests, wins it anyway by virtue of being lovely - it's a lonely virtue so it needs all the encouragement it can get ;-) No title I'm afraid, so any suggestions would be great.

Without further ado...

No More Tears To Shed )
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So, I'm going to post these in basically what I consider first draft state - it's the only way I reckon I'd make my self-imposed deadline, I spend too long tweaking them otherwise. As soon as they're typed up and had a quick check for typos etc they're going up.

Anyway, first of the drabbles and already they're trying to get out of all control. This one's for [ profile] jhava who requested Firefly, Mal-centric preferably, and chose the words 'business', 'surface' and 'flicker'. I have the sinking feeling that it's going to end up as 3 drabbles, one for each word, but anyway, here's the first. Technically too long for a drabble, but maybe the next one will be shorter - ha!

Business )

Another one

Mar. 4th, 2006 06:22 pm
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I've posted before, but *shrug* that kind of mood...

Phantom Pains )


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