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Had a chat with the uni line manager today - fairly positive - plus she can see what the academics can't, which is that there needs to be a 3rd person in the office to ensure proper coverage and to take up my colleague's slack. Maybe if she discovers she has competition, her attitude will change - don't know, but it's actually almost irrelevant at this point. We need a 3rd a person. End of. So that's progress of a sort I think and things are likely to start shifting towards the end of this month and into September in terms of roles, job title, etc.

However, something also came up in the meeting, which had been on the periphery of my attention for a while - largely because the main part of my attention has been entirely taken up with getting the job done.

Peeps of my acquaintance in stakeholder-facing roles (not customer - entirely different in case anyone's confused), particularly les femmes, what are your opinions on the whole dress-for-the-job-you-want/how-you-want-to-be-seen thing? Yes/no? Is it worth investing some not entirely ready cash in it? Does it help?

For the last however many years, my standard has been casual office-wear - so shirts sometimes, sweaters, long skirts, suit trousers, etc. It's all been getting rather worn due to finances and the abysmal state of the fashion industry in catering to an unfashionable shape (thanks whoever it was who decided everything must be empire-line or smocks, they really don't help someone 5'2 and broad). This year as things have progressed at work (and fashion finally cooperating) I've been buying assorted bits and pieces that are a bit more... formal - few more shirts, a pencil skirt. Is it worth me investing in this? Any dos/don'ts? Any must-have items?

Is it something that helps? In both an internal and external perception sense?
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