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I was the only person to turn up to class today, so I got about an hour of personal tuition. I don't think it went too badly to be honest, or my sensei was being mostly nice. There are techniques I need to practise more because we haven't done them in so long I was blanking on them or generally unsure. My timing for shomenuchi needs work as well. BUT, I usually knew where I went wrong almost as soon as I did it, and there were others I was able to work out. I'm also pleased with my extension/contact, it's just IMO, but I think it's much better than it used to be, which is good because it's something I have consciously tried to improve. Before there always used to be a kind of shuffle at the start of every technique while I tried to find the contact and struggled to extend, now I think, for the most part, the extension is already happening as first contact is made and I'm maintaining the contact much better throughout the technique. So there were things I was pleased with and things I was not pleased with, but mostly I could see where the problem was and how to fix it, it's just a matter of repetition until it sticks properly.

At the end, he warned me that from now on, for the next year, he would be tougher on me, so I wasn't to take it personally or that I'd suddenly become crap. He also said that my aikido was very strong and solid, which is encouraging, and seemed generally positive for the prospect of sandan. Obviously there needs to be more work on a number of things, weapons especially, but there's a year to work on those.

Also, he wanted to know if I fancied a trip to Malta in October as his uke. Since this sounded more comfortable than Russia in February, I said I was quite interested :) Obviously it's going to depend on work to some extent and there are no firm dates or anything yet, but we'll see. A subsidised active holiday thing could be quite nice :)
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