May. 31st, 2013

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I can't actually remember my last update, I'll have to have a quick look before I write this...

Okay, right. Well, as I'm sure it came as no surprise I ended up preparing the accounts for audit, essentially taking the last part of my boss's job. I don't know what she was always freaking about them for, they were pretty straightforward I thought.

Then, 3 weeks ago I got an email from her that was a shock but not a surprise - she was resigning. I replied with various things, but have not received a response. It took 2 weeks for the uni line manager to inform me (I was sadly unsurprised by the delay), but things could still not progress until they had it in writing from her, which only happened at the start of this week. Again, despite being told that I would be informed as soon as they were, I found out by accident about three days later. I still haven't actually been given any details, like when she officially goes and what the arrangement is for sending her personal stuff back and picking up the last of the work stuff from her house. I'm not holding my breath.

Where does this leave me? The big boss called very briefly to ask me if things were alright in the wake of this and I pointed out that from my perspective nothing had actually changed, I was already doing her job and had been for months already. It does mean the role review that's only been 'in progress' since summer 2011 before my boss was even off is no longer being held up. However, in a brief email from the uni line manager it was implied that I would not be involved in these, just told. I do not find that acceptable and I have written an email to that effect to the big boss just this afternoon. I am attempting to be both professional and assertive, the latter being more of a challenge for me.

I have been told, late this afternoon, that I was nominated for an Exceptional Contribution Award for my efforts over the last 18 months (try 2 years nearly now) and it has been approved. This basically is a lump sum, but the amount is purely discretionary, so I have no idea what it will amount to, but I should receive a formal letter about it soon.

So things are still unsettled and will be for a while, but my boss's roadblocking is now over, which means no-one has to pussyfoot around her and I'm free(ish) to make a stand and my case. We'll see how it goes.

In other news, I may be going to the Dutch Aikido Summer School. I've been once before a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I wanted very much to go earlier this year, then work got in the way and I thought I couldn't make it because of very important meetings. But now dates have shifted and it's suddenly become free again. It's annoying because I'm vacillating about going - it's not cheap but I can afford it if I want to - but it became available again at a point where my anxiety keeps trying to resurface - which is basically a result of hormones, overtiredness and the resent seachange at work. It's not conscious anxiety which makes it harder to fight off. Working on it though... I should just sign up, thereby forcing myself to go, but I haven't worked myself up to that point yet.


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