Feb. 2nd, 2013

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#1 BDSM fic where the writer's apparent understanding of BDSM extends as far as people get tied up and hit even though they don't like it, but that's okay, do it often enough and they'll come around...

#2 Sherlock fic where apparently John only recognises the sound of a heart monitor going into flatline because he's seen it on bad telly.

#3 Any fic that confuses you're and your on a regular basis.

#4 No lube for anal? Really?

#5 Where a doctor can tell categorically from a glance at a three-day old, treated, grazing bullet wound to the head that someone will never wake from the coma.

#6 Roleplay transcripts and fiction are not really the same thing and I have yet to come across a single one that actually manages to stay in character for more than a couple of paragraphs, if it ever manages it at all.

#7 Deliberately not using capital letters or punctuation is not cool and groundbreaking - it makes you look like a moron. Also, it makes your fic so difficult to read that it could be the most amazing thing ever and I'd still abandon it after about 2 lines.

#8 Deliberately writing the characters out of character. Why? Why not write something original then? Or in another fandom where the characters match what you want to write?

There are always more, but these are the current ones... until the next one.


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