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So, my sensei has just been awarded 6th dan by Hombu. This will mean very little to 99% of you, but take it from me this is a good thing.

I have been thinking about my aikido lately. I'm not sure what the difference is or if it's just an artifact of a more positive outlook resulting from the (perhaps misplaced) sense that things at work are finally in the process of being resolved. Regardless, I've felt a bit more confident with it, or confident is the wrong word, but it has felt like it has been going better than it has for a while.

It's also made me conscious of several areas I do need to focus on. Last Monday's class was a bit different, with the weather there were only a few of us (me, M - another black belt, and T) and one is gearing up for his 1st kyu grading (the one below black belt for those that don't know), so it's pretty major. Obviously, we primarily focused on what he needed to do, which is fine, everyone's been there and no-one minds when it's someone else's turn. Anyway, so it wasn't so much of a class as a structured revision and basically after running through a few jo kata for warm-ups - possibly I shouldn't get so confident with those, he made me do the 13-count on my knees - which I did - Ha! He turned it into... not a mock-grading, but no demonstrations, just sensei calling out the techniques as per a grading and each of us taking it in turn as tori - me first as the ranking student.

Some of those techniques we haven't done in *ages*, so I was really pleased I actually remembered some of the trickier ones and without prompting. I did however get hit on the nose moderately hard which highlighted (painfully) one of my known existing weaknesses that I really need to work on. Basically it was an overhead strike and while I was fast enough and in the right place, instead of deflecting it as I should, instead my arm just collapsed and being a big heavy bloke the strike just carried on through. Ow.

So, I need to work on my extension, which is something I've always found difficult and as a female and therefore generally both smaller and weaker than most of the people I practice with, it is something I need to get right to avoid precisely this. It's not just evident here, but also in my breakfalls - part of my problem with them stems from prior injury, so a combination of out of practice and then instinctively trying to protect the injury even though it's better-ish. I think I need to speak to my sensei about it; I know some of the guys have asked for flexibility training recently because well, they don't have much. That seems easier to do on your own, I'm not sure what exercises, etc would help the extension issue, but it is something I need to address and I don't know where/how to start.

I'm also considering taking my weapons home from the dojo once the weather improves, to see if I can get the 50-count kata down - the bit between 33-40 keeps confusing me horribly.


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